Heun functions, their generalizations and applications

The Heun Project




Gathering participants


Initial Work program

As of 16.02.2013, the name of the project has been set to "Heun functions, their generalizations and applications".
The currently previewed activities are as follow:

  1. Creation of a site dedicated to the project (status: done)
  2. Creation of a bibliography page with articles dedicated to the Heun functions (status: done, updated regularly)
  3. Launching of forum dedicated to the project (status: done)
  4. Webinars on the subject
  5. Discussion of the project structure in the forum
  6. Formation of working groups on the different parts of the project, choosing working groups coordinators
  7. Working groups provide work programs for the project
  8. Obtaining all the documents related to the project
  9. Project's finalization and submission

Tentative Project deadline: The Late 2013

Please keep in mind that since the project aims to create a collaboration of numerous participants and time is always short, if you are interested, it is crucial to contact the project coordinators as soon as possible.

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The Heun functions