Heun functions, their generalizations and applications

The Heun Project




Gathering participants



In the table below, you can find the participants whose consent to display their name on our website has been received. The list will be expanded as we receive the remaining consents. We are also encouraging people interested in the project to contact us as soon as possible, so that they can be included in our mailing list and if they wish, also in the list below.

Project coordinators: tr>
Prof. Plamen Fiziev Denitsa Staicova, PhD
Plamen Fiziev, Leading Researcher, BLTF JINR, Dubna Denitsa Staicova, Ass. Prof, INRNE BAS, Bulgaria
Scientific adviser of the project:
Slavyanov Sergei Yuryevitsh, prof Andre Ronveaux, prof Oleg Marichev, prof
Sergei Yu. Slavyanov, Prof, St.Petersburg University Andre Ronveaux, prof., Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium Oleg Marichev, prof., Wolfram Research
Partners in Maplesoft:
Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, PhD
Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, PhD, Research Fellow, Maplesoft
Preliminary list of the other participants:
(under construction, ordered by country, in preparation for the EC project's rules)
Artur Ishkhanyan, Prof. D.Sc. Avetik Grigoryan, PhD  Vahagn Yeghikyan
Artur Ishkhanyan, Prof., Instit. for Phys. Research, Inst. for Phys. Research, NAS of Armenia Avetik Grigoryan, research assoc., PhD, Instit. for Phys. Research, NAS of Armenia Vahagn Yeghikyan, PhD, Yerevan Phyisics Institute
Dominique LAMBERT , Prof.
Dominique LAMBERT , Prof., Universite de Namur
Genko Vasilev, Ass. Prof. Zlatan Dimitrov, PhD
Genko Vasilev, Ass. Prof., Sofia University Zlatan Dimitrov, PhD, Sofia University
Ass. Prof. Abhijit Sen Integrated M.S. Arunesh Roy
Abhijit Sen, Ass. Prof., Suri Vidyasagar College Arunesh Roy, Int. M.S., Indian Institute of Sci. Education and Research
Stefano Bellucci
Stefano Bellucci, Coordinator of Theory Group.,INFN-LNF, Frascati
 Davide Batic
Davide Batic, Ass. Prof. , University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Republic of BENIN
Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, prof.
M. Norbert Hounkonnou, Prof.,University of Abomey-Calavi, ICMPA-UNESCO Chair
Russian Federation
prof.Vladimir Vlasov  prof. Alexander Kazakov  Sergey Skorokhodov  Oleg V. Tarasov  Sergey Bezrodnykh
Vladimir Vlasov, Prof., Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, Russian Acad. of Sci., Russian Federation Alexander Kazakov, Prof., S.-Petersburg state university of technology and design Sergey Skorokhodov, PhD, senior researcher, Dorodnicyn Computing Centre,RAS Oleg V. Tarasov, PhD, senior scientist at JINR, Dubna, Russian Federation Sergey Bezrodnykh, PhD, leading researcher, Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, RAS
Dr. Yaroslav Yu. Alekseev Dr. Mikhail Babich
Yaroslav Yu. Alekseev, Dr., Senior research fellow at Russian Federal Nuclear Center, RFNC - VNIIEF Mikhail Babich, Dr., Senior researcher of the St.Petersburg Dep. of the Steklov Math. Institute
Richard Hartmann, PhD
Richard R. Hartmann, PhD, De La Salle University-Manila
Radoslaw Kycia, PhD Galina Filipuk, PhD
Radoslaw Kycia, PhD, Postdoc at The Univeristy of Warsaw, Poland Galina Filipuk, Ass.Prof., The Univeristy of Warsaw, Poland
Filip R. Vukajlovic, PhD
Filip R. Vukajlovic, PhD, Research professor, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca", Serbia
Javier Sesma, prof.
Javier Sesma,prof. Colaborador extraordinario, Universidad de Zaragoza
Prof. Mahmut Hortacsu Ass. Prof. Tolga Birkandan
Mahmut Hortacsu, Vis. Prof., Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul Tolga Birkandan, Ass. Prof., Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
United Kingdom
Mikhail Portnoi, Prof. 
Rudolf A. Roemer , Prof. Charles Downing, Postgraduate
Mikhail Portnoi, Ass. Prof., University of Exeter Rudolf A. Roemer, Prof.,Department of Physics, University of Warwick Charles Downing, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Exeter